Frodsham Churches Together logo including John 17:23.

The header shows a sketch of part of Frodsham and quotes John’s Gospel, chapter 17, verse 23: “May they be brought into complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”.

Christian Aid

Churches Together in Frodsham has been supporting Christian Aid for about thirty years. Coffee Mornings, held on the third Thursday of each month from 10am to noon in the Parish Hall, Church Street, began in 1982 and we have been collecting during Christian Aid Week since about 1980.

Christian Aid was formed under the original name of “Inter-church Aid” 64 years ago to help relieve the poverty of the refugees of World War 2. Sadly, there is still so much poverty in the world, as a result of war and conflict, unfair trade practices and natural disasters such as the tsunami of 2004, the Bangladesh floods of 2007, earthquakes and hurricanes. With Climate Change there are now more extreme weather events, causing the already poor, to be made homeless. As crops fail, they lose the means to pay for their food and care for their families.


The money raised for Christian Aid does not go to governments. It goes directly to local organisations, called Partners, who know what is needed and work with the people who are affected. They are accountable to Christian Aid and must show exactly how and where the money is used. It is not Christian Aid’s policy to send goods to its Partners because of the high cost of transportation. Goods are obtained in the countries where the Partners work, as local goods and animals are considered to be more appropriate for their needs, whilst also supporting local economies.

Christian Aid Partners

Christian Aid supports 600 Partners in 60 different countries and works tirelessly to eradicate poverty by raising awareness of injustice and unfair trade practices. It helps people of all faiths and those of no faith. Each year’s Christian Aid Week is in May. The focus is on the work of Partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This huge country, the size of Western Europe, with its history of war and corruption, is now the eighth poorest country in the world, despite its wealth of natural resources. Partners are involved in projects to encourage accountable governance and fight corruption by teaching the people how to vote and engage with authorities to resolve problems. They work with over 13,000 Street Children helping to restore relationships and reconnect them with their families; they provide training programmes for trades and skills for local businesses; they teach sustainable farming techniques in rural locations to develop livelihoods; they provide HIV/AIDS programmes, helping people to access the antiretroviral drugs they so need. Religious leaders are trained so that they can work with 330 Action Groups across the country to reach communities. They provide practical, home-based care for the vulnerable with medicines, food and support. Rape, used as a weapon of war, has left many victims needing support. One partner trains rape victims and those on the borderline of prostitution for trades like tailoring so that they can work and provide for their families.

Christian Aid week collections in Frodsham

Thank you to all who have given so generously towards the work of the hundreds of Christian Aid partners in over 50 countries supporting those suffering from the effects of poverty and injustice.

The figures below include the proceeds from the annual house-to-house collection in Frodsham and any special events in Christian Aid Week that year (e.g. Quizaid evenings and Big Breakfasts).

There is more about Christian Aid on their web site.